"Beauty comes back to the heart of Switzerland!"

We are proud to announce a preview of the most anticipated event in Switzerland for the beauty sector that has the aim to make known to the public all the international companies in the cosmetic and cosmetic sector. We welcome you to the Swiss Beauty Expo, which will take place on 5 and 6 October 2019 at the Lucerne Exhibition Centre, a privileged position in the centre of Switzerland, in the heart of Europe! The Swiss beauty Expo presents itself as an international showcase for all the companies and professionals of the beauty sector. A true and total immersion in beauty at 360 °, an event full of emotions and events: Live shows, international competitions, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, presentation of new techniques, professional protocols, await you for two days Great! Why
is it not enough today to have a good product or service to succeed in the market? Every company needs to know how to visually communicate its products or services to convey emotions to its customers. For this reason we give you 5 good reasons to participate in the Swiss beauty Expo, International Fair of the beauty sector that will take place on 5 and 6 October 2019, in Lucerne: · opportunity to grow your business · Increase your customer portfolio and business turnover · Maximum Global media visibility · Presence in the event leader of the sector in Switzerland · Creation of a network of contacts and relationships between specialists, professionals and other companies in the sector. Ke

ep abreast of the news of the Swiss beauty Expo 2019 and don't miss the most anticipated and innovative event of the beauty sector in Switzerland.